iPSC-based Drug Discovery and Development Team

 iPSC-based Drug Discovery and Development Team

Team Leader  Haruhisa INOUE, M.D.,Ph.D.

Establish a platform for drug discovery using iPS cells


iddd4Disease modeling and drug discovery using disease-specific iPS cells in RIKEN BRC cell bank
Ref:Inoue et al., The EMBO Journal,2014

Induction of various types of cells from patient iPS cells
Recapitulate and Verify disease phenotypes
Develop cellular-level disease phenotypes
iddd4Accelerate open innovation for drug discovery in collaboration with outside partners

Evaluate potential drugs using patient cells
iddd4Back up RIKEN BRC cell bank in emergency

We engage in the development of drug discovery researches using disease-specific iPS cells of RIKEN BRC cellbank at Keihanna in collaboration with the Cell Engineering Division,BRC,and CiRA,Kyoto University.